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Introducing... The Heavenly 7


In top-to-bottom and left-to-right order on the front page:

Quote: "I am always at your side"

Later to become the origin of the term "Seraphim," an angel who presides over the fortunes of war.

Understands the things that Michael truly wants to implement, and shoulders his duties as executor of those things. In addition, even as he sticks to God's will, he holds the conviction that he will surely rescue anyone who needs protection.
In that sense, he could be called an angel who balances what is correct with what must be done.

Also, he is skilled at martial arts, and has taken Remiel as his student.

However, because he's also quite the comedian who often cracks jokes, he appears a bit lacking in dignity. Nonetheless, he'll conquer any situation without fail; as an analogy

"He can make anything with whatever ingredients are in the fridge"

There's no mistake that he's a reliable presence.
In pinch situations especially, he manifests a bizarre power. Even Zophiel, who usually doesn't get along with him, acknowledges his abilities in that regard.
By the way, the hawk on his head appears to have its own personality, but no one's ever seen it talk.
Remiel seems unable to stop thinking about it.

Quote: "Aaah, where is that guy"

Deeply in love with Earth, an angel who presides over healing.

Carrying an IV containing the water of life, a healer-like being who, if there's a need, will give healing even to those who bear any manner of sin.

Once of the lowest rank, because he has deeper knowledge of Earth than anyone else, he was afterwards selected to be one of the seven archangels. Impudent, but a go-getter. Also, because he understands the subtleties of the human heart better than other angels, he's often an active participant in unexpected scenes.

For teachers he has Rasiel on the job and Seraphiel in martial arts, but he himself seems to find it all a bit irritating. Previously he would fail and often incur Rasiel's anger, but now as Michael's subordinate he does his work accordingly.

He's always absent-minded in some way, but it's often guessed that the cause might be his experiences on Earth.
(See "Why Are You the Messiah?!" for details)

Quote: "Remiel, why are you always like that"

Michael's close associate, an angel who presides over wisdom.
Michael has great confidence in him, and Rasiel in turn is certain to follow Michael's decisions.

Has "Sem's Eye" that discerns everyone's abilities, acts as the staff-officer-like presence of the Heavenly 7, and generally has a prudent, level-headed personality.
While he manages all the wisdom and knowledge in heaven, he also assumes the duty of issuing orders to lower-ranked angels.

However, in an emergency he will take the lance-like weapon "Baaz"* in hand, and exhibit a mighty power. (The same weapon as that of Gil who appears in "Gideon")
*T/N: Original kana バーズ, could also be Bars or maybe even Buzz.

Remiel is one of Rasiel's subordinates, but former's childishness seems to prove quite the challenge. Sometimes in a fit of anger, Rasiel will engage in the act of removing his glasses with trembling hands and wiping the lenses relentlessly.

Also, he often finds himself at the mercy of the other team members' tendency to act as they please, so his troubles never end. However, no matter how angry he gets, ultimately he does his very best to back them up. For that reason, he's still well-respected within the team.

Quote: "Everyone, thank you"

The Gold Angel clad in a shining golden aura.

The highest-ranked existence, belonging to all classes and groups, he unifies all the angels as the mouthpiece of God's absolute will. Because of that, he often takes actions difficult for humans to understand. However, the man himself is very much artless, and beautiful.

Additionally, he searches for the being called "Phos" who is the key to deciphering all the unwritten laws of the world, and for that purpose he releases vast numbers of "Adamo" golems on Earth as lures. (See Amon, Gideon for details)

As for himself, despite being of such high rank, he shows an unexpected side by casually greeting lower-ranked angels, opening a blog, etc. Also, with infrastructure development as his sole hobby, he's now entirely in love with 24-hour store systems.

On the one hand, his power is known to be immense, and he can make free use of abilities impossible for regular angels. As a result, it is said that the denizens of the Darkness tremble violently upon just sensing his presence. However, almost no one has seen him actually fight.

Quote: "Now, see what I see"

God's spy, an angel who presides over information.

In contrast to her love of solitude, she's very considerate, and always thinks of her companions when she acts. Can be considered a "secretary" who always conveys the newest info to Michael; a trustworthy presence.

Usually very quiet, and wastes no words. However, biting turns of phrase sometimes fly out from her occasional utterances, surprising other angels.

In Heaven, she's accompanied by a shadow that takes the shape of a beast. Whenever she descends to Earth, she herself takes on a beast's form and hides in people's shadows, gathering information as she moves about. However, this beast itself appears to hold some mystery, and she calls it "Camael."
Additionally, she can share with others the scenes she's viewed by projecting them from her eyes.

An angel of Zophiel's level would have their presence sensed by even normal humans. However, thanks to her powers she is never noticed, and can apply herself to her duties. Also, even to demons with far more sensitivity than humans, she is unnoticeable.

She sometimes gets nicknamed "leopardess" and talked about behind her back by uptight angels, but she herself doesn't seem to care.

Quote: "The moon beckons the Fall"

Ruler of the moon, an angel who presides over death.

He always walks holding a magic stick.
The stick, depending on the phase of the moon, generates a light blade like a giant sickle, and he uses it to slash at those who oppose God's will, forcing them to fall.

Due to these actions that depending on one's point of view could be called "unreasonable," it is wondered "can't he also reap the souls of the dead," but the truth of this is uncertain.

In contrast to his abilities and stern air, he sometimes sheds tears of blood thinking of all the fellows he has made to fall thus far.
Zerachiel has the aspect of an "angel of magic" that obtains magical power from the extremely strong spiritual power of the moon and then uses it to send large numbers of "magic angels" to Earth.

When the moon is full on Earth, he uses a technique called "great purification," allowing him to guide large quantities of lost souls to heaven and purify them.

Quote: "It'll be fine if I'm gone..."

Called "Fragment of Metatron," an angel with free will.

She has a strength of heart that fears no risk for the sake of what she believes in.
Additionally, she can descend to Earth of her own choice without Michael's permission.

Because the Heavenly Seven are often given difficult missions that ask for results over rules, the power of she who can act according to her own will is of great use.

Her means of descending to earth is the revolver-style "angel's gun." That gun is called Furel, and although it is wondered whether the gun has any relation to the demon Furfur (see "Amon" for details), no one knows the truth.

By putting the gun to her temple and firing, she reincarnates on Earth via suicide. However, it appears an aftereffect is that she loses her memory for a time.

Also, her special move is "Russian Roulette." Because she possesses the utmost good luck, she has never known a loss at this game.

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