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Ceta Chapter 8!

Okay, I am late late late with this but now that RL has calmed down again I can put up the post for the latest chapter of Ceta! I know we've skipped some but here's the breakdown of the current chapter from what me and a friend could piece together so far (mostly my friend; I can't read furigana so well on a computer screen; I need a printed page to read more efficiently):

-Enoch has a nightmare in which he pleads for his hometown to not be destroyed
-Lucifel tells him to go check out Babel (look at that creepy tower!) and heads off to check up on Raphael and Rasiel
-Dialogue we didn't spend much time on! Oops. Maybe we'll have something on this later.
-I'm sure he was doing this to troll Remiel with a false positive, because he's looking for a "Messiah" and he'll know them because they can see angels. Of course, Enoch can see angels. So Remiel gives him the apple he's got as a test and while he's got divine things going for him he's not Remiel's objective so he just pukes the bite he took back up and Remiel freaks out about it.
-This apple is a fruit of the Sefiroth, but there are ten of them! Come on! (I guess since it's wisdom it'd be Chokmah?)
-They find some angel statues! They look like Remiel and Rasiel and Remy freaks out about the fact that they're naked and in a rather intimate-looking position. (Even as early as this he's still calling Rasiel "Baldiel", haha)
-There's someone praying at the statues! It's this world's version of Apple, and this is Ceta's (the world's, not the work's - but the work's too) version of Why Are You The Messiah!? (Which is the world Ruta's version)
-Naturally, she's the one they're looking for. Sorry we skimmed dialogue here too. But she takes a bite of the apple and of course everything's just fine. Except she can see spirits and demons and stuff but doesn't say anything.
-Remiel literally uses "Oh my God" here. As in, katakana-rendered English. No translation hedging. Good grief, Remiel.
-We cut to Rasiel being awesome, check out that beam attack!
-And Sariel showing up???
-Sorry we didn't do much with the end either. -_- Will edit if we get anything else done!

Anyway, that's all we have for now! Discussion may commence! (And I won't be so abysmally late with these posts in the future if I can help it I swear)

Ascension of the Moderator

Hi, guys! Since Nyx is leaving the comm, she gave me modship! I haven't been very active (so everyone else can say), but I do promise to try to put up discussion posts for each of the new Ceta chapters as well as other things more reliably. It's what I'd planned to do, even if RL kind of hit me over the head instead.

I look forward to sparking discussion among the...however many of us there are. Or at least putting info up for people to look at. :3

Moderator message

As Livejournal continues its freefall into obsolescence, it has become clear that the present community is not what it used to be. I barely come on here anymore myself. I don't plan on just leaving and taking the communities with me, however. The community will stay as an archive. If there is any problem, feel free to PM me as it will send me an email to alert me. Otherwise, this is pretty much goodbye. Hopefully we will meet again, maybe in another fandom entirely. Good luck, and all the best.
Purification is shiny!

Update on Exodus translation!

Guess what? The first volume's translation is complete! Someone's going to actually make a proper scanslation of it but it will take them a little while. I'll keep you guys posted!

Additionally, Ceta has finally caught up with the beginning of the game! Who's looking forward to reliving that scripted terrible failure at the start of a new game?
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El Shaddai ceta Chapter 3!


Here's El Shaddai ceta chapter 3! Interesting things are happening, and we get some familiar guests!

Btw, no new news on the translation. :( Due to some issues, it must take a hiatus for the moment until I get a translator again. I'm so sorry for the wait, I know it's been forever! I'll see what I can do as soon as possible! I hope you all enjoy this chapter for the moment, though!

El Shaddai: Ceta

Wow, I totally derped on sharing this, sorry! Life threw several curveballs at me.

Anyway, it's hard to say if this is yet another timeline (as the novel is a separate timeline from the game; though it's feasible to say the basic events and that which does not conflict is shared), or if it's just a retelling of the novel. (It has more in common with the novel so far than the game, at least, I could tell you that much.) But we get more of Sawaki Takeyasu's art, with all its fun and sometimes proportion wackiness.

It appears it's being serialized in G-Fantasy, but you can read the first two chapters(for now, at least) for free here. Me, I'm waiting to see if we get an actual paper volume, because I'd buy that in a heartbeat. Can't make out furigana on this screen, I need to see it in print or I'm even worse at reading it!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more of this, and hopefully I'll be more prompt with sharing if chapters continue to be available for free.

Nyx, uh. Now that there are three iterations of it and the game is just one of them, think we could get a generic canon piece: el shaddai tag? I'm really not sure what to tag this with otherwise...
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El Shadilod Utaus

Recently gotten into making Utau's because of a friend of mine, and watching all the great Lucifel MMD and Utaus but when it comes to finding the voice banks i have had NO luck...zip.

I've seen soundless Lucifel vids, Enoch, Micheal, Armaros, and even a few Sariel. so i KNOW they are out there. I thought i would just drop this here if anyone knows where i could find them I would love you forever and share whatever i make =w=. Or if anyone wouldn't mind helping keep an eye out for the voicebank downloads i would appreciate it lots!
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Cosplay Ideas?

I hope it is okay to post this here~

 I'm currently interested in cosplaying Lucifel, but i need a little help and idea on how to do his shirt. So far i just have a mens black shirt that buttons up - yea nothing special. But toss me some ideas please! I'd really like to finish it, and if get any good ideas that work I'll post some images up!

Any other random El Shaddai Cosplay ideas? share them as well!

More shirts!

There are two more El Shaddai shirts! How am I going to even get the money to start...? I haven't even gotten either of the first two yet.

Lucifel's flame pattern in black and red and this thing.

I really like the flame pattern one, it's good for occasions where it might not be best to be out in a character shirt. It's not immediately obvious to anyone but El Shaddai fans! (and even then it may not be apparent)

...You think we should have a merch tag?